Thursday, 2 July 2015

New No Frills Insert with Generall Mills Product Coupons out this Weekend

A coupon insert for No Frills showed up with my flyers today in the St Catharines Standard.

The coupon aren't specific to No Frills, just all General Mills products.

Coupons found inside:
- Save 50 cents off cinnamon chex cereal nor oatmeal crop dark chocolate.
- Save 50 cents off nature valley nut & seed crisps or fibre1 crumble delights or Nature valley lunch box double chocolate granola bars.
- Save 50 cents off Chocolate Lucky Charms or Special Edition Minions Banana Berry Flavour Cereal
- Save 50 cents off Lucky Charms treats, Betty crocker soft baked snacks or betty crocker despicable me or frozen fruit shapes
- Save 50 cents off bugles remix salty snack
- Save 50 cents off Kix 340g, Cocoa Puffs 335g, or Golden Grahams Crunch 340g cereal.
- Save 50 cents off Pillsbury Crisp Crust Pizza 278g-289g
- Save $1.00 off any old el paso restaurante kit
- Save 50 cents off yoplait source 16 count yogurt.
- Save 50 cents off Liberte mediterranee 500g yogurt

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