Friday, 10 July 2015

Couponing Apps: Checkout 51

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is a coupon app that updates every Thursday with new offers. You can download the app to any of your apple or android device, or use it through your computer online with a camera or scanner. Receipts must be uploaded within 2 days of purchase and they must be the clear to read and show the whole receipt with the store's name. Receipts are generally approved within 48 hours of uploading them and the savings will be added to your account afterwards.

Checkout 51 has a minimum $20 cash out requirement and they only send out cheques which generally takes about one and half weeks to two weeks to arrive. Accounts are per person so if you want to setup an account in your name and your husband's name to take advantage of multiple offers, you can do so. Cheques can be sent to the same address.

They have on average about 40 offers each week and tend to have bonus offers where they will pay you bonus cash for sharing an item on facebook, or buying all the items in a special category on your list.

A specific offer once sold out does not get restocked, so it is wise to buy any offer you want quickly especially if it is a hot deal. Always double check the offer you want is still available before you shop as well, because lots of offers can disappear as fast as Friday or Saturday.

Always read the fine print on the offers - sometimes you can't buy a specific store, or you can buy more than 1 item for redemption, or it has to be a specific size or kind. If you upload a receipt that does not match an offer, it can be rejected so make sure to read the offers before you purchase to avoid issues.

Receipts can only be used once. Keep that in mind when if you are using multiple accounts.

Checkout 51 can be used in combination with sales prices, price matching, coupons, and other coupon apps unless stated in the fine print of the offer. Take advantage of this - lots of free items can be had when you combine coupon apps, sale prices and coupons.

Items purchased online can be submitted (packing slips can be submitted) but only if you purchase it in Canada. Only items purchased in your country of origin can be redeemed on the app.

Go here to setup your Checkout 51 account now and start saving.

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