Friday, 19 June 2015

UPDATED: Hidden Portal for Cashmere $1 off Coupon plus Food Basics Deal

With all the great deals on Cashmere toilet paper going around and the Snap Saves offer of $2.25, it is a shame that most of us have used up our $1 off coupons, especially when Food Basic has the ultraluxe and ultra 3 toilet paper on sale starting today for $3.97. With the $1 off coupon and the Snap Saves offer, you would get a pack for 72 cents. (Confirmed the sale includes the ultraluxe and ultra 3 despite not showing it in the ad.

Luckily for all my readers, I found a hidden portal this morning on the Cashmere facebook page that links to the websaver site and you can still print out the $1 off coupon.

Note: the Rexall deal was wrong. Snap Saves requires the packs to be a 12 rolls or higher and Rexall is only 8. Any other website or group posting otherwise is wrong and you will end up with a rejected receipt. I apologize for posting misinformation. 

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