Monday, 15 June 2015

Earning Extra Money: Mystery Shopping

As a couponer, we are always trying to save money by clipping our coupons, buying in bulk during sales and price matching to save on gas, but what if you could also make money during all your shopping trips?

Mystery shopping is a good way to make an extra little bit of cash and add your two cents when it comes to your favorite stores, products brands etc. Now finding legitimate mystery shopping gigs are hard but lucky you have me to point you in the right direction.

Field Agent is a company that posts mystery shopping jobs on a weekly basis to an app you download on your iphone. Each job is worth a certain amount of money for completing it and once it's approved, you can either save it up in your agent account or transfer it right away into your paypal account. I have made as little $4 for a job and as much as $16 for completing a job. Depending on how complex the job is.

Jobs are location based and you can only do 1 location per job type. So if there are 10 mystery shops for a job on the cosmetic aisle at shoppers, you can only pick 1 location and complete it. Although you can do 2 jobs at the same location if they are requesting different things like a cosmetic survey and a razor display survey.

Each survey is a little different but generally they ask you to go to a local store and answer a bunch of questions about a display, or products in an aisle. You may have to take some photos in the store or complete some short videos.

Keep in mind before you accept a job, you only have 2 hours from the time you select a job to complete it or it cancels out. Any lost jobs or canceled jobs effect your agent score so choose wisely.

I personally have made over $115 in the last year and over $40 in just the last 2 weeks completing mystery shops with Field Agent. This is a great side gig for someone looking to make extra cash from time to time, or for people who have lots of spare time, you can complete a 1-3 jobs a week depending of the frequency of job offers.

You will have to complete free screener surveys often to qualify for jobs. These pop up on the same screen as the other mystery shops. They will ask you questions regarding your demographics and stuff about your shopping habits.

If you want to join, download the Field Agent app from the istore and sign up today or visit their website for more information.

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